Tuesday, August 18, 2009

STGCC 2009 review

Finally the event is done
I'm so satisfied with this event
i couldn't have done it without helps
& supports from rendra, erin, erika, sun, joe & gun
I'm so happy to meet a lot of new friends
Thanx to all u guys & to people who buy my stuff..hehe

Joe Ledbetter

Gary baseman

David Horvath

Nichole East
The Baroness of Kidrobot


Judas Arrieta

Allen Rosa





Björnik said...

Hello Danot! Nice stuff you have here that you didn't bring to the convention. It was nice meeting you there.:) You were really very silent and always smiling. Say hi to your friend for me too. Hope to see you next year.:)

emmet said...

hi there!

nice to see all the artworks movement..someday we will interview based on your art obsession!